Jalali was retained in his position

After the meeting of the board of directors of Tractorsazi Club held today, the resigned coach of his team was retained in his position and will continue coaching this team. Zeinizadeh confirmed this news and added that: Mr. Jalali appeared at the meeting of the board of directors of this club and withdrew his resignation and the members of the board of directors decided to retain him.
Date : 2014/01/9
Pourjamshidian: The members of the board of directors seriously support the technical staff and management of the club.

Ali Akbar Pourjamshidian, chairman of the board of directors of Tractorsazi Club, said in the meeting of the club today: we discussed about different issues of the club in the meeting of the board of directors and decided to request Majid Jalali to return back to this club and continue his work as a coach. I will personally visit him and request him to return back and coach his team...

Date : 2014/01/9
kiani injured

In short interview that we had with Dr. Mowlaei (team doctor) we heard about the serious injury of Mehdi Kiani .

Dr.Mowlaei said: Kiani broke his hand from 2 parts because of collision of the hand with frozen ground of the stadium. And now he is under treatment. Kiani played one-half of the match for Tractor Sazi.
Date : 2014/01/7
Zeinizadeh: Toni is our first choice for coaching Tractorsazi football team / the results will be revealed within 48 hours

Hamid Zeinizadeh, managing director of club, told in his interview with the official website of the club that he has serious negotiations with Toni. He added: after accepting the resignation of Jalali by the board of directors, we started negotiations with the former coach of this team in order to reach a conclusion within 48 hours. He also told that the practice sessions of this team will continue under supervision of the instructors of the team until introduction of the new coach.

Date : 2014/01/6
The board of directors complied with the resignation of Mr. Majid Jalali

After the resignation declaration of Mr.Majid Jalali and  propagation of that in his personal web site.  Mr. Majid Jalali stated that he would attend in Tractor Sazi vs Fajr Shahid Sepasi match for the last time and after that “I will abdicate the team”.

Regarding to poor results of the team and because of Fan’s request , Board of director complied with the resignation of Mr. Jalali and wished the best for the head coach.

The remarkable point is it that the new head coach will be introduced in the next few days.

We hope that with these changes the team return to its main position.
Date : 2014/01/6
A Review of Jalali's Performance

Mr. Jalali resigned after 21 weeks of coaching Tractorsazi Team.

Click to see the statistics of these 21 weeks

Date : 2014/01/13
Brazilian Player in Medical Test

Rodrigo Pimpão, new Brazilian player of Tractorsazi, is in Tehran for medical examinations. The final agreements are done with this player and he will come to Tabriz after medical tests in order to finalize his contract. He will be added to Tractorsazi practice sessions after registering his contract. This player has played in Brazilian teams, Cerezo Osaka team of Japan and Suwon Samsung team of South Korea and so on.
Date : 2014/01/08
Loss of Omid Team

Omid team of Tractorsazi played with Naft Abadan team in artificial grass pitch of the club at 13:45 and lost the game with the result of 4:1 The only goal of Tractorsazi was scored by Mohsen Ghoraani.

Date : 2014/01/05

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